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Bradleyville Basketball

Some widely-recognized sports authorities give this exciting book the High-Five. "What an amazing story! I thought Indiana had a monopoly on David and Goliath stories, but James Combs proves me wrong with his wonderful book about Bradleyville, Missouri. Fast paced, readable, ofter gripping, this book offers memorable characters and tense, vivid action. Using basketball as a vehicle, Combs skillfully opens a window into a time warp--an overlooked Ozark Mountain community community of the 1960s. We meet unyielding, resourceful, altogether appealing characters in the players, coaches and their families. This book deserves wide readership." PHILLIP HOOSE Author of "HOOSIERS: The Fabulous Basketball Life of Indiana

"I loved this book. Once I began reading it I couldn't put it down--and I already knew the outcome. I saw and agonized through the four-overtime game with Howardville. I coached against these coon hunters in the Blue and Gold tournament and ended up one of their victems. It doesn't get mutch better than this for an old coach and a fan. But it's not necessary to be a basketball fan to enjoy the Bradleyville Story-just appreciate the excellence." CHARLIE SPOONHOUR Former Head Coach, Southwest Missouri State University and St. Louis University

"It's no less pleasing to read an exceptionally well-done maiden voyage into literature featuring the amazing flight of the Bradleyville Eagles to the top aerie of prep basketball." MARTY EDDLEMON Retired Sports Editor of the Springfield News-Leader

"Anybody with any curiosity will enjoy this book from front to back. I found the 'Hicks From The Sticks' intriguing and captivating. The lifestyles lived by the players on these fabulous teams make for compelling reading. What is most remarkable is the story is true." JACK BUCK St. Louis Cardinals Announcer and Hall of Fame Sportscaster

"You simply can't call yourself a basketball fan without reading this compelling and brilliantly woven chronicle of the legendary Bradleyville "Hicks." This is a magnificent trip down memory lane for us "oldtimers" and an articulate insight into those specialintangibles which akes "hoops" such an integral facet of our society. While basketball, obviously, is the focal point, James Leon Combs, also, gives us a glimpse into life in the rural Ozarks, so much a part of the lore and charm of this region we know, love, and call home. Just like those Darrell Paul 30 foot net searing bombs of so long ago, 'Hicks From The Sticks' is a big winner." NED REYNOLDS Sports Director, KY3 TV, Springfield, Missouri